Connect better with your customers with personalized, targeted offers.

Mobile devices are ubiquitous. Look at the average shopper in your store. Their devices are always in hand. This has broad implications for retailers. You need to be able to anticipate what shoppers want and entice them with compelling offers that arrive on the devices and channels they use most whether they're in your store, nearby, or sitting at home. Join Eric Baez, VP of Software at DecisionPoint and Courtney McNamara, Director, Channel Development at Cozumo, as they share how to increase your company's revenue using targeted offers. 

This webinar covers:

  • Results the retail industry is seeing with targeted offers, and what makes them so effective
  • How to implement personalized offer campaigns (with examples) to improve customer engagement and loyalty
  • How simple targeting dramatically improves ROI
  • The key factors to look for when analyzing your campaigns
  • Deep dive use cases of personalization by retailers and their results

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